The Hazrat Khawaja Muhammad Yaar Faridi Complex

It is the beauty and singularity of Islamic teachings that they encompass the individual and the society, the physical and the metaphysical, the scriptural injunctions and the moral codes and guidelines for both inner and the outer selves. Moreover the basic and integral importance of the rights of fellowmen is retained along with the over riding significance and supremacy of the rights of God. A faithful analysis of the eon of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and his blessed companions (May Allah be pleased with them) shows how the Islamic way of living provides for mental peace emotional vitality and physical nourishment. This multifaceted advancement led to social stability and its perpetuation. The discrimination of the master and the slave gave way to the enviable beginning of Islamic fraternity. Man now stands at an unimaginable place with reference to material facilitation of life. But an incessant feeling of restlessness and anxiety has deprived him of the vantage position of being the most aesthetically created and flung him into the quagmire of bottomless degradation. From day one, Islam had made it clear that the pursuit of goods of this world was equally desirable as that of the goods of the world here after. The persuasion of acquiring blessings of this world speaks volumes of the all pervasive natural of the tenets of Islam. The same spirit seems behind the expeditions which aimed both at spiritual purification and temporal glorification. In form pursuing times, the sons of Islam had actively been pursuing for the well being of spirit as well matter. The duration of this equilibrium was a period of enduring glory for humankind. But later the holistic form of this oneness of character began to disappear. However, the normal pattern of social living remained imbued with this spirit. It was possible because on one hand, the Islamic jurists devised guiding principles for the practical aspects of character building and on the other hand, the Sufis (saints) sustained their function of purgation of the inner self. Great centers of knowledge were established and they attracted people from the length and breadth of the world. Parallel with these centers there was a rapid growth of monasteries and Darghas which preached love for humanity, equality and benevolence for all. These places had a soothing and healing effect on the dwellers of the burning deserts. History is witness to the fact that caravans of Sufis saturated from the fountainhead of mercy and magnanimity of the Holy prophet PBUH, scattered in every nook and corner of the world and provided relief to the aching hearts and suffering souls. Be they tedious summits of mountains or dreadful tracts of desolate and horrendous sands, their efforts to show path to God continued unabated. Even in this age of deterioration the sacred and radiating lives of these God loving people are devoted to the protection the of truth. The Indo-Pak subcontinent is fortunate enough as the chandelier of guidance still counties to illuminate far and wide of the world. Be it unfavorable circumstance of Ajmair or desolate Kalear, Lahore’s inimical society or rugged plains of Arodhan, nothing could deter the efforts to promote the Hidayah (enlightenment). Be it marginalized Saraiki area or fertile and flourishing lands of Multan, the Sufis held the banner of human welfare high.

Graphical Representation of KMY Complex Building

The approach of these revered mystics was not unilateral; rather it aimed at was man as a whole, who has urge for material needs and a strong desire for spiritual evolution. The history of knowledge and philosophy bears testimony to the fact that these messiahs of humankind prescribed therapies for the upkeep of both body and soul. Among a host of these centers of righteousness, one such centre exists in the blessed town of Garhi Sharif (Rahim Yaar Khan). Religious scholars and intelligential of the subcontinent still remember from the recent past a name that brings to mind the personality of Khawaja Muhammad Yaar Faridi (RA) who belonged to the far flung area of the Punjab, who having equal command over prose and verse, was a great orator and charismatic preacher. His speeches enthralled the aptly attentive audience in a way that even the sense of hearing relished this enchantment and left an ecstatic effect on the soul. These addresses were so full of pathos that a breath taking condition prevailed over the audience. Every word of his lectures was soaked in ecstasy and trance and was articulated in its most appropriate use.

Close View of Complex

Fortunately this source of passionate love of God continues to exist even after the passing away of the Hazrat Muhammad Khawaja Yaar Faridi (RA). His honorable descendant Khawaja Ghulam Nazik (R.A) kept this flame of love burning with his soft and steady tone of address. When Khawaja Ghulam Qutab-ud-din succeeded his blessed father, he took the spiritual delight and enthusiasm many steps ahead. He proved that the spiritual leaders of Garhi Sharif besides being associated with a great lineage also have the distinction of being scholars and researchers. But their knowledge emanates from their spiritual heritage and this knowledge is not just information, it transcends now and here and exposes one to a peculiar spiritual experience. The Sajjada Nasheen has combined in him a scholarly dignity and an internal splendor. He is always eager to pursuing efforts for the well being of others. The establishment of a welfare oriented complex after the name of his grand father bears witness to his empathy and generosity. To set up such a grand project in a remote and socially under developed area manifests that a divine will is working behind it. In the beginning, the project of Hazrat Muhammad Khawaja Yaar Faridi (RA) campus looked a dream but the vision and ability of Sajjada Nasheen and Chairman to deal with uphill tasks has made it a reality and as a matter of fact, its majestic beauty will stun every insightful mind in not a very distant future. Let’s now have a bird’s eye view of the complex.

  • This center of religious and contemporary knowledge spans over an area of nearly 3,1/2 acres
  • The estimate of a huge sum of 2.5 billion reflects the vastness of this centre.
  • No wonder that the construction of this complex will be completed with this large amount within a period of 4 years.

Overview of the Complex


Departments and facilities


The Darbars of the Sufis and the friends of Allah has always been a centre of welfare and beneficence with the purpose of producing a generation that would keep the flame of righteousness burning with a renewed will and determination. The achievement of this object is impossible without education. It is therefore decided that such educational institutes should be set up that provide for both religious studies and modern contemporary sciences to equip their graduates with the ability to face the challenges of today’s world. Initially, two schools and two colleges would be opened. However, respecting the constraints of Islamic culture, and to ensure freedom of intellect with ongoing learning stages, separate campuses for males and females will be established.


  • Khawaja Muhammad Yaar Faridi School for boys.
  • Khawaja Muhammad Yaar Faridi School for girls
  • Khawaja Muhammad Yaar Faridi college for boys
  • Khawaja Muhammad Yaar Faridi College for girls

However, this will be a beginning of a long term plan that also includes establishment of a modern university.Total covered area of Khawaja Muhammad Yaar Faridi (Rh) Complex is 75×75. Plate form of the Complex is of 3 feet higher having 1 and half feet wider walls.
Complex has total no of:

  • 51 Bed Rooms
  • 16 Halls
  • 105 Bath Rooms
  • 4 Kitchens
  • 1 Basement and three Floors

Details of each portion of the Complex is as:


Basement of Hazrat Khawaja Muhammad Yaar Faridi (Rh) Complex is comprised of:

  • 4 Halls of 16×40 each. Halls are used as Dinning Halls and Hi-Tea. Every Hall has 3 attached bath rooms.
  • 11 Bed Rooms
  • 17 Bath Rooms
  • 1 Sweat Room
  • 1 Kitchen

Ground Floor

Ground Floor of Hazrat Khawaja Muhammad Yaar Faridi (Rh) Complex is comprised of:

  • Reception
  • 4 Halls.
  • 8 Bed Rooms.
  • 5 Sweat Rooms.
  • 1 Kitchen.

First Floor

First Floor of Hazrat Khawaja Muhammad Yaar Faridi (Rh) Complex is comprised of:

  • 4 Halls.
  • 8 Bed Rooms.
  • 5 Sweat Rooms.
  • 1 Kitchen.
  • Library

Second Floor

Second Floor of Hazrat Khawaja Muhammad Yaar Faridi (Rh) Complex is comprised of:

  • 4 Halls.
  • 8 Bed Rooms.
  • 5 Sweat Rooms.
  • 1 Kitchen.


Books play a pivotal role in the teaching learning process, so, a well stocked and updated library is planned for the academic needs of students and even non students. The library will have a sufficient stock of books available for the academic to save them from frequent traveling in search of research material and thus to facilitate them in their scholastic pursuits. We hope this library will significantly contribute to efforts of founding a civilized society.

Naat Academy


Tasawwuf Academy

The staple point of all the foregoing efforts is character building that is characteristic of a true faith. For this purpose, a Tasawwaf of Academy is part of this mega plan. This academy will propagate teachings of the Sufis import knowledge about their lives and services for practical grooming of character and uplift of mind along with the study and dissemination of Islamic Tasawwaf. By the grace of Allah this academy will answer to all the questions of skeptical minds regarding Tasawwaf and will struggle to spread peaceful and all inclusive massage of Tasawwaf to all and sundry.

Computer Acadmey

For the benefit of the students and the laymen especially those living in the vicinity of the Dargah a state-of-the art computer lab is planned. It will definitely protect the new generation against academic deprivation and make a treasure trove of knowledge accessible to them.

Convention Hall

Keeping the demands of Modern area in view a well furbished convention hall is also planned. The hall will have a capacity to accommodate nearly 5000 people for holding various functions and the ‘SAMA’.The motive behind its establishment is to expose local population to modern, social and cultural developments in order to remove the stigma of ignorance and backwardness associated with them.

Conference Hall

Sama (Qawwali) Hall


Construction of a huge mosque in Darbar Shareef is also the part of the project.


Hostel is an inevitable part of any educational institute. A spacious hostel with modern infrastructure to provide a homely environment to the students is also included in this grand plan.

Expansion of the Shrine

In addition to the facilities mentioned above expansion of the shrine on modern lines is also underway to facilitate the pilgrims who throughout the year visit to pay their homage to their Beloved Khawaja (RA). For this purpose the following road-map is prepared:
Extension of the shrine and its compound is to accommodate thousands of pilgrims. These pilgrims visit the shrine year round to quench their spiritual thirst. Lodgings for pilgrims will be built in two blocks. Every block will consist of four storeys and every storey will comprise of twelve rooms and thus a total of sixty rooms will be constructed. Family suits will also have attached washrooms. It is pleasing to note that this project is now in progress.


Store and kitchen

The pilgrims will be provided food by the Dargah (shrine). So, a large store for food stuffs and an attached massive in kitchen is being built to cook food for 5000 pilgrims at a stretch. Particular attention will be paid to ensure cleanliness and preparation of food according to hygienic principle. The store and kitchen will also maintain the needed crockery and other accessories.

Medical Centre

Initially, a dispensary for medical needs of the pilgrims will be setup but gradually it will be extended to a fully fledged hospital and this in turn will also provide modern healthcare to the local population.


To regulate and co-ordinance the entire work of the project, an administrative office with all modern equipment will be established.

Residence for the Sajada Nasheen

A residence with a meeting hall is planned, so that the Sajjada Nasheen may remain in close contact with his devotees and disciples to satisfy their spiritual needs round the clock. The spirit of service to humanity is often the prime motive behind such projects. He is also imbued with the spirit of human welfare and is keen to make the Dargah of Khawaja Muhammad Yaar Faridi (RA) centre of knowledge, vision, welfare and reform. No doubt, it is an uphill task demanding an unflinching advancement to accomplish within a short span of 4 years. But he believes where there is a will there is a way. By his firm belief in constant struggle with a bright hope for better future, he won’t rest contented till the completion of this epoch making complex.

Full View of Complex